We're a digital publishing company specializing in eye-catching and addictive e-books—with a special fondness for mysteries and thrillers.  Ten years ago,  as the ebook revolution was just starting to pick up steam, we got hooked on it.  So we combined our nearly three decades of traditional publishing expertise with an insatiable taste for innovation and experimentation—hence a more contemporary approach—and booksBnimble was born.

We craft each of our books with impeccable care. If you find as many as five errors (we like to think you’ll find none!), a point of view you don’t care for, a story that doesn’t catch your fancy, anything at all you don’t like—we’ll refund your money and send you a different free book. Click mittie.bbbn@gmail.com to learn more.

Best Selling Series

Assignment in Amsterdam

Architect Kate Benedict sees auras that predict death—but never before has everyone had one!

The Big Crazy

NOPD Detective Skip Langdon v. Hurricane  Katrina


The most dynamic detective duo since Holmes and Watson—and a lot funnier.


OUR SPINOFF We’ve now been in business almost a decade, and an extremely gratifying thing has occurred—we’ve seen some amazing indie work! (And not all by our own authors.) But we found many authors were discouraged because their work wasn’t being seen by potential readers. And many backlist authors—some of them good friends from the print days—had no idea how to fit into digital publishing. So we started an ebook marketing service to help indie authors find their audiences and—our special mission—to help backlist authors find their way back into this exciting new world.

Julie Smith, Founder